About Nina

Nina Angelo was born in Athens, Greece and migrated to Sydney, Australia with her parents in June, 1949.

In the early 60s, she nourished her passion as an artist at the National Art School, East Sydney, experimenting with such art forms as interior decorating and design, painting, sculpture and textiles.  Her interests eventually led her on an adventure around the world to experience different cultures and gain inspiration.

In addition to her many skills, Nina has founded, coordinated, publicised, taught and work-shopped creative and community arts and festival events throughout Australia for over thirty years.

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 Don’t Cry, Dance
A memoir of war, love & forgiveness



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Yanka was a 16 year old Polish school girl when the war broke out and the Nazis came for her family. She wrote her story of survival, typing it herself right until the part when she was taken by the Gestapo. She could not type this alone, so her daughter Nina suggested the family interview her, and together they taped her experiences in Auschwitz-Birkenow concentration camps.

Nina is one of the originals, a passionate Australian, a travelling community artist, who harks back to the 1960s and 70s National Art School scene in East Sydney. Nina continues to serve her Central Coast community and many other communities worldwide with her own version of a dance with fabric and paints, drawing story and connection from all she encounters.

“Don’t Cry, Dance” is her family’s memoir celebrating and honouring life, love, family and tolerance of people from all cultures, colours and creeds.

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Art Gallery

Nina’s Art Gallery

I believe that we all have a seed of creativity within us and everyone has a story to tell. I see my role and my need to nurture and heal through story, by listening, sharing and creating art which connects us all.

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